Awakening Giants interview with Lynn Rose and Debby
Beware and Be AWARE and then enjoy!

Are you limiting your social connections? With the pandemic hitting worldwide we find ourselves spending more and more time alone in our homes with just our computers. “Friends” take on a new meaning when we’re living in this digital age and caution is key when looking for human connection and LOVE online. Will you FEAR leaving your home going forward? A friend of mine once said that “Fear and I had a break-up!” and wow, that made sense to me because my moving on with life after my husband passed was full of fear of going out and I needed to BREAK-UP with that fear. This is a fun conversation about taking a leap of faith into online dating and STANDING UP and SPEAKING UP after I crashed to the ground. Enjoy and thanks to Awakening Giants for encouraging me to go global…together we’ll change the world!

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