Lynn Rose, Awakening Giants colleague, asked me about how we can stay connected online in today’s “perilous times!” This got my blood going so here is my “Fork in the Road Moment” which became my passion project.

When my husband of almost 26 years passed away suddenly and my friends said I need to “get a life” and that meant doing something more than just working, the fear of change overwhelmed me. Remember all of those insecurities you had as a teenager? Mine came flooding back and the “You’re Not Pretty Enough, Smart Enough, Popular Enough” limiting beliefs were about to STOP me from moving forward. Yellow flags, Pink flags, and some Red flags were going to come into my life but the things I’ve learned are priceless. If you know anyone, or if you yourself have been a victim to relationship fraud and scam, please listen and share my story. We need to educate to prevent and to help recover.

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