Episode 31: Stand Up & Speak Up with Debby Montgomery Johnson and Kezia Luckett, Positive Psychologist from the UK.

The Energy Code – the key to unlocking your motivation and spirit? How is it possible to take control of your limiting beliefs so that you can leave you past behind? Are you a Woman Behind The Smile and “perfection” is keeping you hidden from the world and from yourself? It’s time to rewrite your story and unlock your future potential TODAY! Kezia Luckett and Debby Montgomery Johnson enjoy a conversation about the creation of The Pay It Forward Series – Notes To My Younger Self in which 19 women from around the world write back to the “Younger Selves” – their teenager self and with WOW (words of wisdom) show themselves how to be WOC (Women of Contribution!) This conversation will ignite your desire to Stand Up & Speak Up – you will make a difference in your life and in the lives of women around the world.

Join me every Thursday morning at 9:00 am ET for Stand Up & Speak Up…it will change your life – or at least some of what you think!


This show is sponsored by BenfoComplete.com, a business based upon the goal of living a better life for those with neuropathy. Here’s to happy and healthy hands and feet – use discount code “standup” for 5% OFF your every order!


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