Episode 42: Stand Up & Speak Up with Debby Montgomery Johnson and Emily Shull, Founder, Me Myself and Money.

You heard “Money doesn’t grow on trees” or “Don’t talk about our family money – people will think you’re bragging” or “The ATM has money, just use your card!” As children how many times did we hear “No” when you asked for something you’d wanted – even if you worked for it? Those thoughts about finances might be HOLDING YOU BACK FROM YOUR GREATNESS! Emily Shull, Founder of Me, Myself and Money, comes to us from The Netherlands to share how emotions are integrally tied to our finances and our financial decision making. We all make mistakes, some “bigger” than others, but everything can tie back to a lesson we learned as children and it’s time to let the PAST stay in the PAST! Let’s learn with Emily how we can make the present/future better once we understand the why’s of our past. There are 8 archetypes (Innocent, Victim, Warrior, Martyr, Fool, Creator/Artist, Tyrant and Magician, and NO, these aren’t labels for YOU!) and once you take the free and easy money quiz at https://memyselfandmoney.com/quiz/ you’ll be saying to yourself “Wow, Wish I had know that before…” or as I said “Wow, that’s me…dead on!” Today’s show was a lively conversation about money lessons that we can all learn as adults but should have learned as kids. Check out TheWomanBehindTheSmile.com for additional resources.

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