Episode 44: Stand Up & Speak Up with Debby Montgomery Johnson and Sandra Nunes.

I bet you’ve never heard anyone say that before…”Cancer saved my life!” That message from the oncologist WOKE Sandra Nunes up in a way that nothing else in her life had done. She realized that corporate “security” and working for everyone but herself wasn’t going to change the diagnosis. Only SHE could change her thoughts, actions, and steps going forward. She pushed forward with treatments and never had the thought that the end was near – she was a middle child and all her life she bowed her head to hide but now was the time for her to STAND UP and find her passion for life and for herself. The Law of Attraction and “The Secret” caught her attention and with some soul-searching and self-discovery, she “released herself” from corporate and jumped into entrepreneurship. Ups and Downs, YES, but she realized that we’re not on this earth to just go to work and come home again, just to go back to work. Sandra’s brave steps changed her life for the GOOD. Cancer wasn’t going to define her…corporate wasn’t going to define her…SHE wanted to define herself and now she’s GROWING WITH SANDRA!

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