Episode 47: Stand Up & Speak Up with Debby Montgomery Johnson and Dr. Melissa Balizan, special guest.

High Stress…Pharmaceutical management responsibilities…People Pleaser and NO VOICE to Stand Up for herself. Dr. Melissa Balizan is the picture of a high achiever who climbed the administrative ladder in a large hospital only to land in the operating room for a surgery brought on by stress – and NO ONE from her department/division even called to check up on her. Ah-ha moment – self care and courage to leave an unhealthy environment was the KEY to taking her health and personal control back. Now she’s on a mission, as a Concierge Pharmacist, to empower you and give you a CHOICE in your health care regimen. POWER TO THE PERSONAL PHARMACIST! Additionally we discussed COVID-19 related scams with Dr. Tim McGuinness, Founder of SCARS (The Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams.)

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