Series 2, Episode 10:Stand Up & Speak Up with Debby Montgomery Johnson and Nichelle Nelson shows how one of the biggest challenges in life turned out to be one of the biggest blessings and it took a MOM COACH to kick butt! 

This episode of Stand Up & Speak Up contains 2, yes TWO, important stories. The first is of a mom who, like Elizabeth Meyers, last week’s guest, and Debby, endured premature 2nd trimester fetal demise yet Nichelle’s 3 baby losses were attributed to THROMBOPHILIA. Fortunately Nichelle was encouraged to find support through an organization called KinderMourn – check it out – and she was blessed with her “rainbow” baby years later. What was to come when she DIDN’T get “the Call” from the police or the local hospital could have put Nichelle into deep depression. Her FAITH and the tenacity and resilience of her son, Jabari, proved to defy the odds of a near-fatal collision where Jabari ended up with traumatic brain injuries and a stay in the Neurology Intensive Care. The incredible story of a mother’s LOVE and her son’s DRIVEN WILL TO LIVE bring this story to a purposeful ending. The NFL may never get Jabari Nelson on the football field as a player but they can put him in the HALL OF FAME for inspiration and competitive desire to SURVIVE.

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