Series 2, Episode 17: Stand Up & Speak Up with Debby Montgomery Johnson and 4 male breast cancer survivors and 1 brave widow.

Lump, Bump, Discharge, Breast Tissue and you get “The Call” but don’t tell anyone. WHAT? My guests this week on Stand Up & Speak Up are Ron Rapaport, Bret Miller, John Falk and Mike Singer, in addition to Pat Washburn, widow of Marlyn Washburn. All the men survived Male Breast Cancer and are LIVING to speak up and advocate. None of them, nor I, had heard of male breast cancer before the diagnosis but that’s going to change. 1:833 men are diagnosed with breast cancer vs 1:8 women. The numbers don’t appear to be staggering UNLESS it’s YOUR MAN. Listen in for the signs of male breast cancer. See how to perform a monthly examination. Find out WHO to speak to if you think you may have a problem – DO NOT BE EMBARASSED anymore. This show could save your life or the life of your special guys. Don’t let these guys be a “blue dot in the middle of a pink ocean.” Beware and Be Aware.

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