Season 2, Episode 21: What does it take to leave a Legacy of Love? Ken Rochon, “Dr. Smiley”, inspires people around the world to do what they love and love what they do.

From early teaching days when he was “The Best Teacher” and blew up a water bottle on day 1 of Science class to caring for his mother who was diagnosed with early dementia and passed away at age 65 from Alzheimer’s to raising an INCREDIBLE son, Kenny (K3), Ken Rochon is a man on a mission!

The Pandemic shut many people down, but Ken and Kenny found family time and turned it into writing a mini-library! Part 1 of the show with Kenny had us laughing at his original jokes, favorite riddles, and the sharing of his 2 hours of video time! Part 2 has father, Ken, explaining the WHYs and HOWs of their prolific writing.

Both episodes of Stand Up & Speak Up are full of love, respect, expectations, and FAMILY. Work and family life “balance” can be achieved once priorities are set. Enjoy both Rochon “boys” and share with your budding entrepreneurs!

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