Season 2, Episode 45, Stand Up & Speak Up with Debby Montgomery Johnson and Debra Morrison

“How could I make a financial mistake?” Have you ever asked yourself that question? Are you a Certified Financial Planner, trained for more than 40 years, and those words came out of your mouth? NOT, except for our own Expert, Debra L. Morrison, CFP, MS, Financial Coach, TedX Speaker, and international author who acknowledges that EVERYONE, repeat, EVERYONE can make a financial “oops” and recover.

What does it take to move forward past the self-flagellation and shame? Acknowledgement , forgiveness and GRACE. You need to learn the basics of finances and then act with the assistance of a financial planner who you TRUST and who will advise you for YOUR best interest and success. Investing is for everyone but like baking, you MUST leave follow the recipe and leave the cake in until it’s fully baked – don’t keep opening up the oven to to “check the progress” (ie: sell stocks when the market goes down) or your cake won’t be what you expected! Debra L. Morrison is leads Women Navigating Finances and is setting women up for financial success by being INTENTIONAL. Life happens…death happens…the rollercoaster keeps on going and sometimes we need to know when to get off and sometimes we need to know when to enjoy the ride! Join us on Stand Up & Speak Up and get some financial TIPS for yoursel

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Recovery After a Scam…Online Relationship Scams…Financial Fraud…Suicide…Victim Blame…See for Victim Assistance and Education.

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