Season 2, Episode 46: This special edition of Stand Up & Speak Up this week is with Debby Montgomery Johnson and her mom, Gwendolyn Kennedy Butz.

If you could have your mom’s undivided attention for an hour, what would you ask her? What was life like when she was a little girl? Who taught her to cook? Where were the holidays spent and with whom? Who did the dishes? Did your mom REALLY ever talk about life as a young adult?

What were her joys and times of sadness? Did she work outside of the home or was she a SAHM? My folks have been married since 1955 and they’re fortunately still happy, healthy, and of sound mind. Too many of my friends are realizing they can’t ever get that hour with mom back either because she’s passed (transitioned beyond the veil) or is living with diminished memories. I wanted to let my mom SHINE and for once in her life be the center of MY attention and she was and I’m so grateful. I encourage you all to ask the questions you’ve never asked (within reason!) and then LISTEN to the gems that will come out. Our Women of Wisdom (WOW, MOMs upside down!) are aging, as are we, and there is so much to learn. All in all, life goes by too quickly and don’t you want to know who was the FAVORITE child!!!

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