Sharon Armstrong is a Scam Survivor, Victims Advocate, Youth Programs Administrator, and Author from New Zealand. She talks with Dr. Tim McGuinness and Debby Montgomery Johnson, all three Directors of the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams (SCARS,) about her experience of being a relationship fraud victim and drug mule imprisoned in Argentina for two years before being released and deemed “innocent.” Sharon expresses how grateful she is for the experiences because her pain turned into her passion. Debby categorizes their friendship as “sisters by other misters” as both women are strong international advocates for change in the world of online relationships. It’s important to Stand Up & Speak Up and talk so each individual scam victim can play a stronger role as a spokesperson for their own stories. Share this with everyone and anyone who has been taken in a relationship fraud, is currently dating online, or may be thinking about accepting a “friend request” from an online STRANGER.

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