Season 3, Episode 9: Stand Up & Speak Up with Dr. Tim McGuinness, Guest Host

Stand Up & Speak Up was started by Debby Montgomery Johnson, almost 3 years ago as a platform for encouraging survivors of Online Relationship Fraud//Scams to feel safe in telling their stories to other victims/survivors as part of their recovering from the trauma of deception and manipulation.

This is the second special edition of Stand Up & Speak Up with Debby Montgomery Johnson and Dr. Tim McGuinness, Directors of SCARS, guest host. This episode features three international SURVIVORS and we thank them. for sharing their stories of RECOVERY.

No one should feel blamed for being taken advantage of – EVERYONE will be taken by someone during their lifetime – usually it’s family members or close friends who deceive and most victims don’t tell. The criminals count on no one speaking up as they laugh their way to the bank. This show helps friends and family, and other survivors of fraud, to understand the psychology of the scam and the recovery process needed to move forward with respect and control. We aim to educate and to show others how to BEWARE and BE AWARE.

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 We encourage you to listen to this important show so you can understand a little better what happens when someone says “Yes” to a friend request on FB, or any social media platform, including gaming sites. Learn the psychology of the scam – the grooming, the deception and the manipulation that takes place. Remember, it could be your mother, sister, father, brother, child or best friend who is might be “next” or is already a victim but too afraid or ashamed to Speak Up. For more information about SCARS, Debby Montgomery Johnson is a Victims Advocate and can be seen at

Join me every Thursday morning at 9:00 am ET for Stand Up & Speak Up…it will change your life – or at least some of what you think!

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Recovery After a Scam…Online Relationship Scams…Financial Fraud…Suicide…Victim Blame…See for Victim Assistance and Education.

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