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Hosted by SCARS Directors: Debby Montgomery Johnson, Vianey Gonzalez, and Tim McGuinness, Ph.D.

In this edition of our SCARS Webinar Series, we talk about Victim Blaming – why it happens and why we should never tolerate it.

Our purpose in this webinar is to explore various topics that affect the victims of these crimes, their family, and friends. ♦ Why ignorance & fear is at the heart of victim blaming ♦ who is doing and why ♦ its impact on victims and how it might increase trauma ♦ how to help others to understand that victims are not to blame This is a serious conversation about very difficult topics.

To learn more about scams and scammers, and victim recovery visit To report all scams – report all scams to the FTC at… and to SCARS at – optionally, you can also report to the FBI at or 1-800-CALL-FBI

If you are a victim you can apply to join one of the SCARS Scam Victims Support & Recovery Program Groups here:…
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