Season 3, Episode 13: Stand Up & Speak Up with Debby Montgomery Johnson and Cat Cantrill.

We can dream about Mr. Right/Ms. Right, can’t we? Why just dream? We absolutely deserve a forever mate and it’s “easier” to find that special person with a dating buddy, or better yet, a Matchmaker!

I found true love after falling victim to relationship FRAUD and I could have stopped looking after the “scam reveal” but I wanted someone real and I got that through matchmaker friends. They did the background checks. They did the compatibility interviews. They found someone “geographically desirable!” and then we did the rest. Cat Cantrill is the ultimate “Dating Buddy” and she’s got your best interest in mind when she’s coaching you into dating! She’s energetic, creative, and encourages Singles to set boundaries (No-Go’s) but not let the “online characteristics” like height, hair color, etc, keep you from finding your TRUE MATCH. Connect with her at Better yet, if you’re in the Iowa area on October 8, 2022, go to her LIVE Dating Game event. Enjoy!

Explain the “characters” in the dating industry: Dating agencies are the organizations that are responsible for the introduction of people who are looking for a date, a relationship, or even marriage.

Matchmaking agencies make it their job to find potential partners for their clients. They do this by compiling a list of suitable candidates and then presenting them to the client.

A dating service is an organization that provides introductions between single persons with the intention of developing romantic relationships. Dating services may provide both personal introductions and general introductions. Singles clubs are organizations that offer social events where singles can meet others in their area who share similar interests and hobbies.

Debby Montgomery Johnson, is on the Board of Directors of the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams (SCAR) and works with victims/survivors worldwide towards recovery from online relationship fraud. Check out or for additional information.

Join me every Thursday morning at 9:00 am ET for Stand Up & Speak Up…it will change your life – or at least some of what you think!

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Recovery After a Scam…Online Relationship Scams…Financial Fraud…Suicide…Victim Blame…See for Victim Assistance and Education.

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