Season 3, Episode 32: Stand Up & Speak Up with Flavia Powell. Choose happiness through adversity and trials. Resilience is the key to overcoming self-destructive and ineffective behaviors.

Stand Up & Speak Up with host Debby Montgomery Johnson and special guest, Flavia Powell, from Norwich, UK. Flavia grew up in Romania with outhouses and sunflower toilet “paper” – smooth as a babies’ behind! She flittered about “carefree” while living in a home filled with stress and abuse.

She was taken away from communism to a promised life in the UK where university and living expenses were to be taken care of by her “guardian angel.” That “angel” groomed her to take care of HIS “needs” and when she realized her ideal life was less than ideal and wanted to leave, she was cut off and put out. Flavia’s story wasn’t told until she was grown and the trauma came out again when she wrote her story in Notes To My Younger Self, Vol 2, in the Pay It Forward Series. She and Debby are “book sisters” and both live with knowing their “stories” were meant to be told to help one “sister” in the world and they have. This show is about Abuse, Self-destructing behaviors, Negative Emotions, and RESILIENCY! Our pain can become our purpose and our passion.

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