Season 4, Episode 1: Stand Up & Speak Up joins for a new informational/educational series.

Meet Oralia Acosta, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach and Kathy L. Friedman, LDO, FNAO, Optician and Debby Montgomery Johnson as they discuss ways to kick the sugar habit. Is it all about moderation or STOP it all? What is sugar and where do we find it? Just look at the labels or listen to your body.

3 Ways to Kick Your Sugar🍨🍩Habits What is “sugar” and how is it affecting our physical and mental health? Experts Oralia Acosta and Kathy Friedman, LDO, talk about the BIG GULP isn’t the answer to a healthy, happy, and LONG life. Diabetes affects more than 37 million Americans with more than twice that many living with pre-diabetes. It’s time to be aware of how sugar, sugar substitutes, and perhaps BENFOTIAMINE and moderation are the keys to kicking our Sugar Habit this year. Diabetics may be more likely to get neuropathy, sciatica, retinopathy and a multitude of illness and it MAY be preventable. Always check with your doctors when dealing with health issues.

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