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May 18, 2024

We are looking forward to featuring you on an upcoming "Stand Up & Speak Up" Showcase Series Tele-class. Thank you for making time to share your talent and wisdom.  Your message will surely resonate with our community.  Be sure to check section 4 below for promoting the show to "your peeps!"  We'd like to share around the globe.

NOTE:  Unless prearranged for an AUDIO call only, this will be a Zoom webinar-type show and you'll be sent the link the week of the show.

  • 8:50 AM  Join Zoom Room for "sound check"   Meeting id: 843 9335 2371 Passcode:  SUSU (may not be needed)
  • You will be interviewed by Debby Montgomery Johnson, for approximately 60 minutes, after which, time permitting, we will open the lines for Q & A.  The amount of time for Q & A is dependent upon your schedule of course, and typically that portion runs for an additional 30 minutes (for a total time of 75  minutes).

1. The Thursday morning show starts recording promptly at 9 am (eastern).  

2. In Order to Prepare the Promotional Material Please Email the Items Below to

These items must be received No Later Than 7 days before your scheduled appearance. (14 days if possible!)

  • A Head shot/picture you want us to use (jpg attachment to email)
  • 4-8 other pictures for us to use in the YouTube video that will be created after the LIVE show.  You'll get the link to the video.
  • A short bio about yourself and your business (less than 100 words)
  • The Topic Title and brief description (2 to 3 descriptive sentences or bullet points) letting the audience know what they’ll get by tuning in for this Tele-class.
  • Be sure to include the info for listeners to connect with you including (as you may want):  Facebook, LinkedIn and a URL to your website.
  •  Promoting Your Interview to Your List and Followers:

Our guests have found that being featured on our show gives them an opportunity to reconnect with their followers in a new way and activates people on their lists who may have been dormant for quite some time.  We therefore suggest that you provide your followers with the following information approximately 1 week prior to your scheduled interview (with a reminder the day before as well).

  • Include in your newsletter:

9 AM Example: Please join me on Thursday, [date] ___, at 9AM (est) when I’ll be a featured guest on a FREE class hosted by Debby Montgomery-Johnson. Register for the call at

  • Post on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Send out an individual email blast (we will send you one that will be easy to forward).

Sample Posts | Facebook

Breaking news! I am being featured with The Woman Behind the Smile and Debby Montgomery-Johnson on (insert date) at (insert time) EST. Join me to hear all about (insert topic) in the weekly national tele-class series (open to all): "Stand Up & Speak Up" Register:

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! I will be featured on a national weekly tele-class, Stand Up & Speak Up, with Debby Montgomery-Johnson (The Woman Behind The Smile) on (insert date) at (insert time) EST. Learn all about (insert topic). I am excited to share my story! Register here:

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