Do you believe that EVERYBODY lies?  Dr. Phil maintains that we all lie for one reason or another.  Listen here to his conversation with Megan Kelly.  

Have you ever caught someone in a lie?  What did you do?  Were you willing to overlook the “yellow flag” as I call it?  The thing that seemed a little off but was quickly rationalized or justified?

What are the reasons you would lie to someone you love?

  • You don’t want to hurt their feelings (Does this dress make me look fat, honey?)
  • You want to surprise them (I didn’t buy you anything for our anniversary this year but hiding in the closet is a diamond necklace!)
  • You don’t want them to catch you doing something you’re not supposed to be doing (You’re having an affair but you’re going to end it soon.)

I did everything I know NOT to do but Eric, or Joseph, or whatever his real name is, was an accomplished LIAR and a master manipulator.

I read a comment the other day from a friend of a friend on Facebook and SHE said “wow, sad story, but she did it to herself.”  Yes, I did, I own that, but whatever happened to civility, honesty, honor and kindness?  For today, let’s let some good rule the bad 🙂


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