Episode 19: Stand Up & Speak Up with Debby Montgomery Johnson and Michele Vismaya Rubin and Dr. Tim McGuinness (Guest Host)

Whoa, the Gratitude Gangsta is in the house! Michele Vismaya Rubin is all pumped up to share how GRATITUDE can change your life TODAY! She and Dr. Tim McGuinness have Tips for Teens (and their parents) on how to beware and Be Aware of teen scams and we had an indepth discussion on how scammers are manipulating our elders. Don’t fall in to FOMO – Fear of Missing Out – and giving up your personal information to “friends” who are really strangers hiding behind a picture. Great information to share with family and friends.

Join me every Thursday morning at 9:00 am ET for Stand Up & Speak Up…it will change your life – or at least some of what you think!

This show is sponsored by BenfoComplete.com, a business based upon the goal of living a better life for those with neuropathy. Here’s to happy and healthy hands and feet – use discount code “standup” for 5% off your every order! www.BenfoComplete.com

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