Episode 51: Stand Up & Speak Up with Debby Montgomery Johnson and Dr. Barrett Matthews – Using your voice for change!

Bongo drums and a LeadHerShip cruise to Jamaica with Sharon Frame brought us together but USING OUR VOICE to change the world has kept us connected! I thought Dr. Barrett L Matthews was BRAVE for being the only male speaker at a women’s conference aboard ship for 5 days and he thought I was brave for Standing Up and Speaking Up about an online relationship fraud for over $1 Million. In the last 5 years CEO Space, I-Change Nations, BlackBelt Speakers, and Passions to Profits and Podcasts have our mutual circles of influence blazing across nations. We ALL have a story to tell and it’s time to drop the ANXIETY of what others think and the FEAR of the unknown so we can be the VOICE and the advocate. Ever hear about CERTIFIED PUBLIC ADJUSTER? This might be your Ah-ha moment when Barrett talks about being an advocate for homeowners – before the hurricane! Join Dr. Barrett L Matthews, Tim McGuinness, Ph.D., Founder of the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams (SCARS) and me discuss steps to take to prevent fraud in your home and heart. #scars #leadership #onlinefraud #socialmedia #thewomanbehindthesmile #business #inspiration

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