Series 2, Episode 12: Stand Up & Speak Up with Debby Montgomery Johnson and Martha Hoy.

Martha Hoy has a unique story that involves surviving a horrific car accident, fifteen surgeries, an abusive marriage and abandonment by her family. On the run with only her suitcase, she went to the only person who NEVER let her down and she hadn’t even met him in person. Despite experiencing multiple traumas, she is thriving and her story is about survival, triumph and the strength of the human will. As a humanitarian, Martha supported orphans in Uganda, but little did she know that the connections she made in Uganda would become her life line in her time of need.

Martha Hoy is a registered nurse, a writer, a humanitarian, author, speaker, world traveler and founder of Mother Martha Family Foundation (“MMFF”).  She is passionate about improving the lives of those in her community and in Uganda. MMFF is in partnership with AMKA Foundation Africa with the mutual goal to improve the lives of those within the global community.

She has written two books about her story, “Lead with your heart” and “Enjoy the Journey.” Her books are available on, and Get ready to be moved and inspired by Martha’s journey. If you wish to contact her, get involved and donate to the foundation, you can find out more by visiting:

Partnership foundation:

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