Can you say fierce and strong? An inspirational tale of one woman’s fearlessness and her power to change the world around her. Lisa Conroy, a business coach, and overall badass, is called in to assist a failing company in finding their way forward out of a scandal. An unexpected turn of events along with challenges of a more personal nature shake the foundations of the stable life Lisa had built for herself A tale about creating meaningful work in the world, keeping one’s heart open to new possibilities, and facing the world fearlessly.

A GIFT CALLED FEARLESS : The Day She Discovered She Was Fierce And Strong…

DEBBY MONTGOMERY JOHNSON Debby Montgomery Johnson is a best-selling author, international speaker, entrepreneur, podcast host, and former Air Force officer who served at the Pentagon. She is the founder of The Woman Behind the Smile, Inc. Debby’s audiences and readers all around the world are empowered for life change by the transformational power of fearlessness.

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