Season 2, Episode 31: Stand Up & Speak Up with Debby Montgomery Johnson and Hugh Vail

Do horses have emotions? Can they cry? What do they “say” when a leather saddle is strapped to their back and some big stranger jumps on top? Horses tolerate humans but they’re STRESSED when most riders are on top!

And BTW, ever thought about leather being a dead animal?!! Just as humans FEEL, so do horses, and Hugh Vail, Founder of Mustang Medicine, provides personal insights and vulnerabilities on how The Ranch Rules are the KEY to elevating our lives and the world around us. Experience how WILD MUSTANGS can tame the wild in us together in a safe environment. What is Virtue? According to Hugh, virtue is character excellence in all things and those give us power and strength. Mustang Medicine is about putting ourselves and horses in circumstances that are difficult but best sited for our best development in character excellence (wisdom, courage, kind.) It’s time to embrace gratitude – and No complaining, No blaming, No shaming, and No sorry wasted…join us and see if there is a purpose to your pain!

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