Dana Mantilia, Host of Cyber Smart with Dana Mantilia, and Debby discuss the TIPS to Beware and Be Aware of online scamming. Check out the original release of Dana’s interview with Debby Montgomery Johnson. This episode is shared in order to educate the general public about online relationship scams.

Takeaways from this episode:

  1. Debby is sharing her story so that out of the bad that happened to her, others can avoid the same situation.
  2. If you have been scammed, please share your experience rather than withdrawing in shame. It could happen to anyone!
  3. It’s important to report online scams to the FBI so they can have accurate data.
  4. Red flags that could indicate a scam include refusing to video chat with you, your friendship advancing very quickly, and asking you for money (even in small amounts). 

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