Season 2, Episode 34 : Stand Up & Speak Up with Debby Montgomery Johnson and Keith Jowers, Founder of Dads4Life.

Parenting can be difficult ESPECIALLY if you are a single parent, dad or mom! Keith Jowers spent his career in law enforcement working with kids and many of them had “difficult” family situations and enjoyed walking into his office for a PAUSE in their day.

Keith is the Founder of Dads4Life, and as a “Dad Coach” and mentor, he uses his experience as a single dad and many years of raising a responsible child, as the foundation for his advice, encouragement and non-profit work. From rock band in the 60s to joining the military as a young man (needed to get his hair cut, argh!) to more than 30 years on the police force, Keith has seen it all and although much of his time was “part-time dad”, he always had a FULL TIME HEART. Today is the time to leave a legacy and to leave the world better than you found it. Join Debby and Keith in a conversation that starts with DAILY CONNECTIONS and remember, “a smile can change the outcome!”

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