Erin West is a Deputy District Attorney for Santa Clara County, California, experienced in prosecuting cybercrimes such as Pig Butchering Scams. She spoke with Debby Montgomery Johnson and Dr. Tim McGuinness, both directors of SCARS about the criminal justice system and the challenges of law enforcement of these crimes.

Many victims believe that law enforcement is doing nothing to fight these crimes, but as you will hear that is completely false. Vast numbers of scammers are being arrested worldwide, including at the local level throughout the United States. PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO SO OTHERS WILL KNOW

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To learn more about scams and scammers, and victim recovery visit To report all scams – report all scams to the FTC at… and to SCARS at – optionally, you can also report to the FBI at or 1-800-CALL-FBI

If you are a victim you can apply to join one of the SCARS Scam Victims Support & Recovery Program Groups here:…

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