Season 4, Episode 2: Stand Up & Speak Up joins for an interview with Anti-Diet Advocate, David Medansky.

“The Call” came from David Medansky’s doctor.  “You have a 95% chance of having a heart attack. You must lose 50 pounds or you will die.  You have two choices now.  Either lose the weight or get another doctor.”

OMG.  What’s a guy to do?

Fortunately David did what he “should do” and he lost the 50 pounds.  My late husband didn’t heed the call and he passed away from a massive heart attack at age 55.  

Have you lost 50 pounds only to have “found” them again the next year?  What does drinking water have to do with a lifestyle change?  Anyone in your family die of a heart attack due to diabetes or excessive weight.  

Have you tried and failed at every diet and weight loss program you’ve attempted?  David says the average person has tried 126 diets over his lifetime and we’ve lost the same 10 pounds over and over.  If diets and weight loss programs REALLY worked, then all the companies making $$ would be out of business.  

It’s time to STOP DIETING, and START THINNING.  It’s an attitude change and one we can all make – join Debby Montgomery Johnson and David Medansky review the 9 golden rules of weight-loss for people who live to eat and for those who eat to live.  

Quick review of the RULES from our Anti-Diet Advocate, David Medansky.

1.  Drink Water (Find out how much and when)

2.  Avoid fake foods

3.  Eat Wholesome foods (the ones on the outside aisles of the grocery stores.)

4.  Eat slowly

5.  Eat smaller portions (plate size does matter and did you know BLUE plates are the best for appetite suppression?)

6.  Sleep more

7.  Rest to digest – intermittent fasting isn’t difficult if you sleep enough.

8. Think positive.  Just a declarative rather than an affirmative.  I don’t is stronger than I can’t…can’t can be negotiated!

9.  Walk every day

Simple but time tested rules and it’s a cup of water away.  KISS this one into your life…it’s simple and effective.

You can hear more from David Medansky at www. or

Debby Montgomery Johnson is President of and founder of The Woman Behind The Smile, 

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0:05 David’s story of how he started on his journey of thinning not losing weight.

3:15 What do you mean by “anti-diet”? 

7:10 Where did the family accountability partners come from?

14:38 What is the problem with processed and manufactured foods?

17:37When you start looking at food in a different way, then you have to look at the ingredients.

23:25 The scale is just a number –

29:33 The importance of changing the mindset of your clients.

33:41 The number of calories and grams of sugar per day for men and women.

40:39 It’s a mindset, not a choice. 

45:10 Losing the weight or die.

49:21 Why you need an attitude adjustment.

54:38 Keep track of your water intake.

59:31 David’s story resonates with your story, and he shares it.

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