WOW!  Did you see the FRONT page of the Palm Beach Post on Sunday, Oct 22, 2017?

  In love, Lake Worth woman gave online stranger
$1 Million, lost it all. 

Did you hear the Channel 12, WPTV, broadcasts at 3:00 pm, 5:30 pm and 11:00 pm when they told my story to the world?

Well, I’m front and center and it’s terribly exciting and daunting at the same time. It’s exciting because the story is so important and a VOICE needs to be heard and I’m it!  It’s daunting because there were such negative comments made about me and the story by people who didn’t even read the article.  I’m learning a very valuable lesson in becoming a public speaker – don’t listen to the NAYsayers or read the negative comments!

It’s NOT about losing a $1 million.
It’s NOT about being a victim. 
It’s NOT about what others say.

IT’S ALL ABOUT taking responsibility for your life and making it better because of the peaks and valleys.

If you find yourself “living my story”, then I want you to PAUSE…read the Palm Beach Post article again and look at “Joseph” as “your man.”

Did you fall in love with a young man from Nigeria?
I didn’t.
I fell in love with my handsome Brit, BUT this is who I really got!

Check out the following links and if you’re still in doubt, write to me immediately at  You have a friend in me.

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