This episode of Defining Moments with Debby Montgomery Johnson features our special guest, Christy Rutherford

Christy will discuss her path from Coast Guard Officer for 16 years and the Defining Moment that changed everything.

She walked away from this career and now is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, radio show host and  best selling author.

Christy’s journey is so relevant today in an environment where women are finally being taken seriously and can STAND UP and vocalize the harassment and abuse they have endured at the hands of men since the beginning of time.

Even as a decorated African American female officer in the Coast Guard, her superior officer vowed to “destroy her” and he undermined her at every opportunity so the stress of this caused Christy’s health to deteriorate.

She chose not to be a victim and instead to forgive herself, STAND UP and move forward.

She motivates others to be true to themselves and to help others overcome their obstacles to attain happy and successful lives.

Listen to Christy Rutherford and learn how your Defining Moments can change your fate.

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