Did you learn something special from your mom?

Trish Carr was fortunate to have a mother who did everything she had to do to keep her family afloat.  Trish watched her mother iron other people’s clothes – a true example of hard work.  While doing this her mom also sold Avon cosmetics and Sarah Coventry jewelry – Those two careers are some of what we call “Networking” and of being an entrepreneur!

Trish went on to have a successful career with AT&T but she had a DEFINING MOMENT when she was asked to speak about the company picnic in a Monday morning meeting!  You must listen to her story!  Then choosing to leave her corporate life, she co-founded Women’s Prosperity Network (WPN) with her sisters Nancy Matthews and Susan Weiner.  She has always had the love and support of her sisters and together they have achieved much success.

Do you feel PUBLIC SPEAKING is your #1 fear?  Trish is the author of “Its Just a Conversation, Make Every One Count” and she speaks all over the country teaching women to communicate more effectively and to get the most out of their businesses and lives.

Trish considers herself “a natural born leader who has always been in the right place at the right time” –although many times you have to make it the right place.

Listen to Trish and learn how your Defining Moments can help you achieve your maximum potential.

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