Sharon Frame received so much inspiration from her mother who had to work 3 jobs as a single mom to care for her children.  Do you know anyone doing that today?

Belittled by a teacher in grade school and tired of hearing about how smart her brother was Sharon was motivated to believe and achieve- has that happened to you?  Is it possible that  parents sometimes don’t realize that their words of praise for one child might be words of “put down” for another.

Sharon didn’t want to be undervalued anymore and she and Debby talk about some of her DEFINING MOMENTS as learning opportunities.

Now is the time to recognize the greatness in ourselves.  Sharon leads women on to their greatness by acknowledging what doesn’t work and seeks the positive so that we can focus and follow through on what does.



The annual LeadHerShip cruise is Sharon’s way for women to come together and awaken the giant from within!  We just celebrated 5 years on the Sea!  Check this out – Cuba was the destination!

Listen to her story and feel good about yourself – learn that helping others is the best way to achieve your greatness and purpose!

Enjoy Defining Moments, Episode 5, the whole show, on Defining Moments on! 


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