Age is no discriminator when it comes to death.  Debby and her 2 guests all suffered the sudden loss of their husbands and these three women joined “The Widow’s Club”, “Single Mom’s Club” and “The Survivor’s Club”  all at the same time.

Karen calls herself a “grief consultant” speaking to women all over.  Her most important area of concentration when lecturing is that of “Focusing on total well-being” and to “use tragedy to change the world.”

Karen’s son was only 2 when her husband was killed and she has made sure her son does not forget his dad. The killer has yet to be caught so closure hasn’t come to Karen completely.


Ashlee’s husband was murdered by the spouse of a woman with whom he was having a secret affair.  Ashlee, mother to 5 young children, had to deal with the “reveal of the affair” in addition to murder trial. Put on the spot on the Dr. Phil show, she had to forgive the perpetrators as well as herself. Ashlee needed to STAND UP to her power so she shares her story and how she overcame this Defining Moment.



Both woman, along with Debby have tragedy in common and hearing their stories can help us learn how to forgive and how to move on in life.


Episode Description

Grief – an emotion that affects us all but add sudden trauma to it and you have The Perfect Storm. What do three women, of different backgrounds, ages, and living across the US, find they have in common? A sudden death threw them into the “Widows Group”; Betrayal threw them into the “Last one to know” group, and raising a family on their own threw them into the “Single Moms” group. These women didn’t ASK to be in any of those groups yet they found themselves putting up the mask and smiling their way through the initiations. Something inside of them decided to STAND UP and then SPEAK UP and then they because THE VOICE of their causes. Strong minds, strong wills, and strong inner fortitude trump their fears, feelings of inadequacies, and hurt hearts. Throwing down their need for “Perfect”, they have embraced life’s curve balls with vulnerability, grace and honesty. Debby, Karen and Ashlee will share with courage their DEFINING MOMENTS and will change their worlds for good.


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