Feeling SAFE…you want that, don’t you?

I did and for almost two years I felt cared for, loved, and appreciated for the strong, self-sufficient woman I thought I was!  I found out after almost two years that my story was a total LIE…a fraud…an elaborate, carefully orchestrated scam by a well-trained, young man in Nigeria.

Did I KNOW he was in Nigeria – ABSOLUTELY NOT.  But looking back now, without my emotions holding me captive, I did push away some of the “pink flags” as I call them.

Read this article and help me help others find healing and safety.  http://www.ldsliving.com/LDS-Woman-Taken-for-1-Million-by-Online-Dating-Scam-Speaks-Out-to-Help-Others-Find-Healing-Stay-Safe/s/88907

Now is the time to be empathetic, not judgmental.  The victims, or survivors as I like to call us, have beaten ourselves up enough.  It’s time to recognize that we ALL do something in our lives that we’re ashamed of, embarrassed by, or just feel stupid that we did.  Time to get over it all and move on with that “priceless” experience guiding us forward.

I want to thank LDSLiving and Lucy Stevenson for running this article and for Nate Eaton from East Idaho News and KSL.com for running subsequent articles.

To all of the “victims” who I will continue to call SURVIVORS, know that you aren’t alone and that hugs are going your way.







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