During my life I’ve been an on-again, off-again journal writer.  I love to write but life just takes over and even my best intentions year after year derail my writing efforts on a consistent basis…EXCEPT for the two year period from 2010 through 2012 where I started keeping a daily journal just before my husband Louis passed away suddenly on April 8, 2010, I committed to writing in my journal and I did so religiously for over two years.  I, in fact, have family history that chronicles the days, months and years after Lou died and thank goodness I have things in writing as my memory going into my 60’s isn’t as good as it used to be!

My journal began as a way for me to speak to Lou – I wrote and asked him what the passwords to his accounts were…I asked him if I was doing the right things for the kids…I told him how mad I was at him for dying.  Go figure but he never argued or told me what I was writing was stupid, emotional or a waste of time.  4000 pages later I have family history, evidence of a $1 Million online dating scam, and the meeting of my “2nd chance” sweetheart.

Today I write for Positive Tribe™ magazine, a monthly online publication and as an Advisory Board member, I  review articles for the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams (SCARS).  The SCARS team has put together multiple tools that I would  like to share – Why reinvent the wheel when someone else has done the work so magnificently?!!  So thank you to the SCARS team for the following article  “RSN™ Victim Recovery:  Journaling and Recovery From Scams.”  

I encourage you to read and start writing – you’ll enjoy the process and be grateful for the outcome if not today, then one day!

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