When life hits you with an “opportunity for growth” who do you turn to? Do you have in-person dinners, walks, dates or sit around isolated in your home. We need to reach out and get that “personal” touch again…it’s important!
Hey everybody, this is Debby Montgomery Johnson and it’s not Wednesday with The Woman Behind The Smile, but it’s Thursday and I just had the extraordinary opportunity of working with Donald Kelly and my mom and Dad, Gwen and Dr. Jack Butz, and we did some video taping for BenfoComplete.com, which is my company and it was amazing.
So when life throws you a curve ball and you get those opportunities for growth, as I cal them, what do you do with that?  How do you handle it?  Pull out your calendar and set a date with a friend or family member and meet in person and enjoy the conversation and connection.
Tell you your family and friends that you love them – you never know when it’s your last moment.  Have a great day!

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