The EasyPrey™ Podcast hosted by Chris Parker

“If I could help just one person either not get involved in this or recover from it, then that was worth the 2 years and the million dollars.” – Debby Montgomery Johnson

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Thank you Chris Parker, Host of The EasyPrey Podcast for recognizing the importance of BEWARE and BE AWARE! Listen here and share. Someone out “there” needs to hear our story. Don’t stay silent. It’s time to STAND UP & SPEAK UP – you’re not alone.

“Looking back it just seems so ridiculous, but when you’re in the middle of it, the urgency to get this over with and do whatever you can to get him home was overpowering.” – Debby Montgomery Johnson

Friends Don’t Let Friends Get Scammed was penned by Chris Parker and I’d like to share the guide on How to Spot Fraud and Avoid Becoming a Victim. Check it out here.

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