Season 2, Episode 11: Stand Up & Speak Up with Debby Montgomery Johnson and Euri Bermudez!

NOT BEING ACCEPTED by friends happens to many who have been divorced or widowed and after 25 plus years of marriage Euri Bermudez found herself wondering what happened and asking WHAT NOW?

Would you know how to open the garage door if the power went out? How about fixing the refrigerator? She became “Ms Fix-it” and found the power in self-care and self-sufficiency. She also allowed herself TIME to heal, to forgive herself and her Ex, and the time to connect with God. When the time was “right” she accepted an invitation to dinner and the “rest is history!” She offers HOPE to those who have lost love and mentors all, especially young adults, who find her to be WOW – a Woman of Wisdom! Additionally, Dr. Tim McGuinness, Founder of The Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams (SCARS) discusses how vulnerable those recently divorced are to online relationship scams – Beware and Be Aware.

This week we want to honor Marty Ward, our dear friend and mentor, who passed away and make mention of Ari Schonburn, a 9-11 Survivor and Host of Whispers & Bricks podcast , who interviewed Debby for an upcoming show – when she received “The Call” that her husband had died suddenly, it reminded Ari that his family could have received the same call.

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