Season 2, Episode 28: Stand Up & Speak Up with Debby Montgomery Johnson and Akshay Nanavati, Pt 1

Who is Akshay Nanavati and what is FEARVANA? You’ve come to the right place to get answers to those questions and more! Does your background/childhood set you up for things to come? Rollercoasters terrified him yet he walked in front of convoys in Iraq. He partied with the best of them as a young man and then lived with the demons of alcohol and drugs and a self-destructive life style. Find out how “Blackhawk Down” was the pivot point in his life.

Akshay is a man on a mission and he’s headed to Antarctica in about a week. “Fearvana” represents our collective power to transcend our fears and our suffering in service of something greater and he’s encouraging us all to rise above our struggles and fighting hard, day after day after day, to become the legend we were born to be. Known to many as “Inspiring. Humble. Servant leader. Selfless. Generous. The kind of guy who makes you remember you can do anything you make up your mind to do.” I found Akshay to be vulnerable, unapologetic and incredibly courageous in spite of his fears/foibles. I honor him for his SERVICE as a US Marine. I’m inspired by his ability to not just LOOK inside of himself but to take action to pause, reassess, and move forward. Follow his adventures on

This is Part 1 with Stand Up & Speak Up with Akshay Nanavati. Check out Part 2, The Pursuit of Happiness.

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