Season 2, Episode 29: Stand Up & Speak Up with Debby Montgomery Johnson and Werner Berger, Part 1

Born in South Africa to German parents in the 1930s, Werner Berger knows what it’s like to live without his dad around on a daily basis. Did growing up in an “uncomfortable” situation allow him to stretch and adapt and ultimately shape him into being an amazing leadership coach and Guinness World Record Holder?

Werner says he hit rock bottom at one point, after he retired FROM something and not TO something, and when challenged to write down 3 things that he would love to do before he died but probably WOULDN’T do, what do you think he wrote? Find out in our conversation and more leadership gems. (Hint – Kilimanjaro, Matterhorn, Everest Base Camp!) “Be completely present and linked to your environment.” “The journey is in the process.” “A good leader can sometimes be like a good parent, strict…but always considerate…”

This is Part 1 with Stand Up & Speak Up with Werner Berger. Check out Part 2, Making the Climb with a Friend!

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