Season 2, Episode 32, Stand Up & Speak Up with Debby Montgomery Johnson and Kenneth Sargent.

One day in a small town near Dallas, who would have thought that sitting for almost two hours in a car wash in The Colony, Texas would bring together two kindred souls. Veterans Debby Montgomery Johnson (USAF) and Ken Sargent (USA) share Thanksgiving Day thoughts, recipes and a dream for a veteran retreat full of culinary delights, hunting and fishing, and even a spa experience.

An Iraq sticker on the back of Ken’s truck started the conversation – a “THANK YOU for your service” turned into “war stories” and then an explanation of how PTSD and a military retirement led to depression and a lack of desire to get on with daily living. Then a suggestion to pursue a culinary career sparked a passion and an international cooking experience. Ken Sargent became a Master Chef in Italy, a restaurant owner, and a DREAMER. Dreams can change lives and so can Cooking with Kenny. Now he’s looking for 200 acres of land in Texas to provide a safe place for Veterans and their families to fish, hunt, and COOK. What better therapy? What better dream? What better answer to PTSD? Just ask Kenneth Sargent what his favorite recipe is and he’ll tell you that on Thanksgiving he isn’t going to cook – he’s going to eat until his sweatpants don’t fit!!

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