When Debby Montgomery Johnson got “The Call”, her life changed forever and she was thrown into running a business she knew little about. Today she is going to talk with us about preparation as an entrepreneur in taking over a family company, and her passion for wellness, ending neuropathy pain, and more! Six months after her husband’s passing, she was encouraged to “get a life” and that included dating again. Debby’s story of how she was scammed for over $1million and how she pulled herself up and out of denial, debt and shame to help others is inspiring! This woman seems to be able to do it all. See how.

For nearly a decade, as an International Speaker and Transformational Leader, Spryte Loriano has been crafting a unique form of “Contribution-Travel” that over 1400 participants have experienced in ten countries, and that has uplifted tens of thousands of families and educators with clean water, education and empowerment. She was living in Liberia training post-war Teachers in success and leadership development, before and during the Ebola outbreak, and now resides in Ecuador.

See www.awakeninggiants.tv .

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