Season 2, Episode 38, Stand Up & Speak Up with Debby Montgomery Johnson features special guest Heshie Segal.

Heshie is the founder and CEO of The JetNetting™ Connection and known to the children of Tanzania as “Mama Heshie!”  We dove into Heshie’s life which is filled with challenges, triumphs, pain and passion. Abused as a child catapulted her into her mission to protect the children.

Heshie is a rebel WITH a cause and she’s clear when she Stands Up & Speaks Up about sexual abuse (I was the “family toy”,) financial abuse (fraudulent investments offered by “friends”) and her passion project in Africa – KidsBetterWorld. Heshie believes that every experience can be a game changer. You can turn your past pains into your passion, and there is no job that the President of a company can’t do! If you can do a better job than she, go for it and DO IT. She’s a firm believer in taking ACTION and she’s got the track record to show for it. Together with her husband, Werner Berger, Heshie is on a mission to change the world for “her kids.” Her clean water initiatives are inspiring. Her speaking up about being SCAMMED by a “TRUSTED” associate shows her vulnerability and strength. She’s a true advocate, along with Debby, about Standing Up and Speaking Up for yourself and for others who may need to rely on your strength and support. Beware and Be Aware shines through in this episode. Thank you Heshie for being a true role model!

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