Season 2, Episode 43: Stand Up & Speak up with Debby Montgomery Johnson and Celia Kibler

Frustrated by your toddler yelling at you? Perhaps you need to look in the mirror to see WHY they are doing that!

Celia Kibler, Founder of Pumped Up Parenting, says we need to be intentional when communicating with each other because we’re really raising “adults and not children!” Electronics ruling the household? Celia says “raise kids that are polite, well-mannered, respectful. Raise kids to do chores, play outside, eat meals together when possible and THEN put the video games on…with limits.” If we’re all tuned into our own things then ultimately we’ll find a disconnected family. Want to know how to get a wild child stop whining? How about a tip to get through the toy store checkout without a major meltdown?

Celia is on a mission to calm the world and April 5, 2022 is International Day of Calm and it’s for ALL OF US. Take the pledge to pause for 24 hours and let’s change the world one person at at time!

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