Season 3, Episode 1: Stand Up & Speak Up with Kesha Christie and Debby Montgomery Johnson. Let the stories begin!

What a great way to kick off the start of Season 3 of Stand Up & Speak Up. Storytelling isn’t just for kids – it connects us ALL. Today’s special guest on Stand Up & Speak Up is Kesha Christie and she’s coming in from Ontario, Canada. Originally from Jamaica, Kesha grew up hearing traditional stories from her grandparents.

Oral storytelling is an integral part of African and Caribbean identity and passed down from generation to generation. Not wanting the ART of storytelling to die out with the older generations, Kesha took on the mantle of STORYTELLER and she’s a master. Stories are not just for the teller, the magic is in the listening and we got to listen to How Tulips Came to Canada, and one of my favorite, The Bird of One Thousand Feathers! Kesha founded Talkin Tales and hosts a regular podcast. Talkin’ Tales shares stories that empower and entertain for all ages. Come on in, close your eyes, and enjoy the “sights and sounds” of the Caribbean and beyond! Visit Website:

Kesha Christie is an Afro-Caribbean Storyteller who tells Caribbean and African folklore, Aesop fables and original works. As an animated edutainer for all ages, Kesha ignites the imagination and carries her audience on an amazing journey from tale to tale. Through her stories and workshops she interweaves history and motivational speaking. Visit Website:

Join me every Thursday morning at 9:00 am ET for Stand Up & Speak Up…it will change your life – or at least some of what you think!

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