Season 3, Episode 7: Stand Up & Speak Up with Debby Montgomery Johnson and Michael D!

How could a “Nerd kid” from Oklahoma turn his stutter into a global media platform? Well, Michael D. Butler tells all and his story is BIG, bold, and valuable for all ages. Michael had a dream of speaking on the world’s stages and when the local librarian gave him a book written by an 11 year old boy the spark was lit.

There was a sailboat on the cover and it ignited his imagination and dreams. When a plane flew over he dreamt of being on that plane and his life changed, and today he’s traveling the world. Michael’s life was guided by a very powerful mother and although he didn’t appreciate her “instructions” as a child, he has grown into believing in the power of traditions, routines, and MOMS! This past year, Michael focused on empowering women authors and is in the process of launching Beyond Publishing’s newest book, Powerful Female Immigrants. He recognized the power of women writing, reading, and purchasing books as they navigate their futures and the futures of their families, communities, and nations. Our lively conversation jumped from single fatherhood and the pandemic to Michael receiving “Colonel” status from his friends in Kentucky. We moved on to Philadelphia where he interviewed Dr. Oz and then he ran the “Rocky Steps” as he relived Rocky Balboa adventures down the streets of Philadelphia. The story here is…Let the “No’s” become rocket fuel. Commit to your core values and NEVER GIVE UP. Stay away from the naysayers. Don’t let the trolls stop you from your purpose and your mission. Hurt people use words to hurt. Use YOUR story for good because someone needs to hear it and to know they aren’t alone. Learn how Michael used his influence and heart in working which rescues youth from human trafficking. Michael is passionate about supporting the young women and in empowering them with life skills so they can create a better life and future for themselves. Michael D. Butler is a man on many missions and I’m grateful to be working along side him. Together we truly have A Gift Called Fearless! (Beyond Publishing published my book this past year!)

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