Season 3, Episode 10. Stand Up & Speak Up with Debby Montgomery Johnson and Angela Schutz

It’s a Happy Birthday day on Stand Up & Speak Up with Debby Montgomery Johnson and special guest Angela Schutz provides the entertainment!  Actually, dating over the age of 50 is full of adventures and full of Beware and be Aware experiences.  

After her husband of 43 years passed away, Angela found herself alone with her thriving career but not so exciting love life. She decided to venture into the world of online dating – it would be “safe” and a great way to meet and date someone different than her “narcissistic” husband – ah ha moment – not every man was like HIM and thank goodness. As an experienced writer and teacher she also thought writing about her 30 day experiment with online dating would be enlightening to other “senior daters” like herself, hence the creation of “A Boomer Chick’s Guide to Online Dating” – You’re never too old to look and love. The book exposes the good, the bad and the ugly of online dating but Debby called her out a little about the “victim blame” at the end which can only be truly understood from a victim’s point of view. The two women share their unique sides of the online dating story and complement each other with their experiences. This is a great show for those of you wanting to start dating online (listen for the Beware and Be Aware tips), for those of you who survived the fraud of online dating, and for families who want to know MORE. Angela also contributed to Jan Fraser’s The Book on Joy, with an article called The Joy of Being a Big, Beautiful Woman, and we talked about how life in a big girl’s body is shaped from a young age – parents, watch how you speak to your daughters about body image at an early age. Your words will stick with them forever, good or bad.

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