Season 3, Episode 11: Stand Up & Speak Up with Debby Montgomery Johnson and Mel Mason, The Clutter Expert

Sometimes the clutter in our life is just sitting in a drawer and sometimes it’s consuming our minds and manifesting itself in our body, mind and spirit, in addition to our closets, on our desks, and even in our cars.

As a sexual abuse survivor, my guest Mel Mason grew up depressed, suicidal, and surrounded by clutter. What she realized after coming back from the brink of despair is that her outside was just mirroring her inside MESS.

The outside is just a mirror of the inside – and that’s what my special guest Mel Mason, The Clutter Expert, is on a mission to tell the world.

Today’s special show was interrupted by technology, or the lack of internet, half way through, but the time we had was insightful and so necessary. Life happens TO us, but many times the “bad” experiences are FOR us. Mel tells about discovering her brother’s body after his suicide and then her subsequent institutionalization, psychiatric and juvi. Vulnerable, honest, and wanting to share to others so they will know they aren’t alone in their dark moments, Mel Mason is an open book.

We’ll be scheduling Part 2 of our Stand Up & Speak Up show on August 11, 2022, so you can get “the rest of the story” and that includes clearing up the clutter in your life, from the inside out, and even from the kitchen sink!

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