Season 3, Episode 22: Stand Up & Speak Up with Debby Montgomery Johnson and Jamie Dandar McKinney.

Imagine having the confidence to lead in any situation….no matter WHO is in the room!

Confidence is VITAL for leaders, especially women leaders. Jamie Dandar McKinney wore her “steel toe stilettos” to work as a woman in a male dominated world. Together with Debby, they share how Confidence is like Currency – make daily deposits and watch out for unauthorized withdrawals.

00:00 Intro to Jamie McKinney Dandar 04:57 Confidence Gap 16:09 Fixed Mindset 23:04 Steel Toed Stilettos 26:13:19 Reticular Activation System 28:36:12 Derek Jeter 33:42:12 Recognize Limiting Beliefs 37:53:18 Write a Book, Speak Up, Sister! 39:18:07 Confidence is Currency 47:24:06 Mel Mason, The Clutter Expert, ATN

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