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When Wali’s mother asked him at age 15 what he wanted to do with his life, he did not hesitate to say he wanted a career in TV and radio…fast forward 40 years and he’s there!  Wali lived a DEFINING MOMENT as a child and he stayed true to his dreams and achieved them with much acclaim!  Check out Wali’s accomplishments here. 

Wali has spent much of his adult life producing television shows such as the Profiles Series with Louis Gossett, In View hosted by Larry King and he’s currently in production with a series hosted by William Shatner.  But Wali’s love and life come from his time spent with family and friends.

Another DEFINING MOMENT in Wali’s life was learning that one of his 3 children was autistic – this changed the family forever and he became a Founding Board member and CEO of the Oakstone Academy in Palm Beach.  Listen to this recording and you can hear how Wali is managing the role of coach, mentor, international speaker and SPECIAL dad!

Wali Waiters is known as a giving individual and he and Debby discuss how important it is to learn to say “No” so a good heart isn’t taken advantage of.

Listen to this episode of DEFINING MOMENTS (Episode 6) and learn how there is a gentle side to this larger than life man!

Episode Description

Do you have an EXTRAORDINARY career and get to spend time in the limelight or around those who desire to be “famous”. Would you want that celebrity life? Our guest, Wali Waiters is a man who has surrounded himself with high achieving entrepreneurs, trainers, and teams and has been honored with 12 Telly Awards for his creativity and outstanding productions. He has spent time with Larry King, Host of “In View”, and Academy Award winning actor Lou Gossett, Jr. host of “The Profiles Series.” Today we will uncover Wali’s DEFINING MOMENTS which have affected his professional and his personal lives and we’ll come out better people for listening to his wisdom. We’ll find out if being in the lime light is as good as it looks.

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